šŸŒŒThe LoCoVersešŸŒŒ

Our Unique Universe

TheĀ LoCoVerseĀ is our particular Universe, the backstory where everything else is embedded. It is constituted by aĀ LoreĀ (or fictional universe)Ā that serves as context and scenario for our robots and our community.Ā 

Here you will find stories of Noctis, Aurel, and many more robots that will join theĀ LoCoVerseĀ as it expands. We have established the first narrative and aesthetic lines, andĀ we will continue building the LoCoVerse, but we don't want it to be exclusively our creation.Ā 


What you just watched was the first chapter of our expandingĀ LoCoVerse!

We have designed it so that all members of the robotics community can participate, add their stories, present their robots and enjoy the creative process with us.Ā 

If you want to actively participate in it, do not hesitate to contact us!Ā There are many ways to participate: with creature designs, with stories or with new robot models or ideas.Ā If your idea fits into the LoCoVerse we will add it to this website along with your contact details (upon your agreement).