ūü§ĖSTEAM: Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematicsūü§Ė

Our mission is to make it easier to acquire STEAM knowledge. STEAM knowledge is going to change the way people interact with technology and thus requires a great deal of persistence and hard work to come up with new and more effective ways of learning.

We propose robotics as a cross-disciplinary area that has all the necessary ingredients:


In fields such as electronics, mechanics, design or programming it is common to encounter a big step up in difficulty when moving on to University from conventional education. Our robots provide a testing and learning ground where learning progress materialises in a moving tangible creature:

In addition to designing robot parts, 3D printing them and integrating them into your robot, you will be able to learn or apply your programming skills to understand the foundations of mechanical engineering and control engineering.

Both of our robot models, Noctis and Aurel, are driven by the LoCoCarrier V4, our custom expansion board. It contains several key components that make your robot able to walk but, most importantly, it allows you to program it using the Micro:bit board.

Easily connect the Micro:bit to your robot and make use of its sensors and functionalities using block-based coding (MakeCode), Python or JavaScript. You can load programs from your computer through USB connection or use the mobile App via Bluetooth. 

Understanding how servo-motors should be programmed in order to achieve cool robot movements is not trivial. This is why we created our simulator, where you can easily test sequences of movements on a simulated robot. This will help you understand the servo coordinates you need to load in your robot to replicate the moves you created in the simulator.

 Robot guide

The in-depth user guide will help you to understand the main concepts of robotics. By following it you will be able to assemble your robot and get it moving via the desktop application or the Micro:bit commands.

Tutorials and examples

We have plenty of code examples in video and text format to help and inspire you in your programming tasks.

Technical docs

 For the more experienced users, we will publish more advanced technical documentation. This will help you to expand your robot with different boards or sensors such as cameras.